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カーモンベイベー…'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[02 Feb 2012|09:59am]
Rising from the dead to issue a warning!

If you received an email from Rochelle of Kerbey Lane today, it is a scam email and I believe Rochelle's account has gotten hacked!

Please do not send any money!
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[05 Jun 2010|03:56pm]

And I'm sorry but the following comic is too awesome to ljcut

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food post [15 Feb 2010|07:07pm]

image heavyCollapse )
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feeling better [09 Sep 2009|09:14pm]
I wanted to write about my Labor Day weekend because it was great, but I'm so drained that I'm just going to post KITTEHS

Angie's kittehs in the window!



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This is abnermal... [05 Sep 2009|01:20am]
[ mood | I need a despair icon ]

me: WTF! Nermal is a BOY?!
Cerine: ... yeah |D;;;;;;
me: .....................

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get on the move [03 Sep 2009|09:55pm]
It's late but, I wanted to thank everyone who made me a Valentine in the epic post :) Because I'm sure it couldn't be anyone else than people on here XD I'd never gotten one before so it was really yay. ♥

Umm, didn't find out who made this one though. Neither Abbie or Yvette or I made it so I'm guessing it's a general chilolilove? Fess up, you! ;) Otherwise, it seems kinda creeper.

In other news, I really wanted this Juliette et Justine dress. ;___; Too bad it was around $500 and I'd never fit in the 33 inch bust ...





I was pretty productive today, lots of cleaning and laundry got done. Picked tomatoes. Returns, paying bills, calling bank, shipping stuff tomorrow. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll be making raw blueberry cheezecake for the BBQ .. I hope it comes out okay X___X I decided to make it to provide more vegan choices at the party, but it seems kind useless since mewwji can't eat nuts! XD;;

I want to do artsy things and sew and play with my dolls and change up my hair and get new makeup and go shopping and move out and have a bath.

I need to post more.
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TALK TO ME BABY [17 Aug 2009|07:47pm]
I could use your help, you guys! :)

chantwins is visiting me from Korea! She'll be arriving here tomorrow and is staying for the next 3 days.

I'll be taking her to the usual tourist traps here, but do any of you guys have a suggestion to where to take her, and also some restaurants you might recommend? I may want to try to experience something different as well ;)

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions! They also wanted to go to a jazz bar and I don't frequent any X_X Oh, and if anyone's free this week and wants to hang out of boredom you're welcome for some hilarious adventures ♥

Thanks guys ;___;
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photopost! [15 Aug 2009|11:49am]
[ mood | blah ]

bliss is when fruit overtakes my cereal


The most orgasmic vanilla mousse cake anyone could have. Macaron flavors are raspberry and passionfruit.

little_yew's cupcake, macaron flavors were rose and orange

moreCollapse )

and, I need to respond to comments. I'll get to it... soon...

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[24 Jul 2009|05:23am]
The Nagoya LEs --

SD Michele -- love that outfit!

MSD Mihmi -- she looks like MSD F17 to me :D

Yo Suzuna

Yo Rengemaru

sorry for all of you who are not safe! ;)
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busybee [23 Jul 2009|07:52pm]
Running around a bit today. Raced to be on time to the doctor's, arriving JUST at the time, and then having to wait half an hour to be admitted :P I texted and read Vanity Fair, and M amused me by playing a cell phone sort of eye spy. I told him to find a ventilation grate and he sent me one, and my task was Dixie cups. There were some in the office, so then I told him paper punch, in where he admitted defeat :P By this time I went to see the doctor for a prescription. (Omg she cracked me up during examination when she asked if I heard voices XD)

Went to Target to get my prescription, wandered around and somehow didn't find anything worth buying (?!) I cracked up again when filling out the prescription, as right after name the first question is "IS THIS MEDICATION FOR A PET?" I asked the guy at the counter how many people have tried to get meds for their pet so far and he gave me a sort of amused but embarrassed look as if he were shamed for the world, "About ten."

I had to go to the post office so finished packing up then went out the door again. On the way I saw the UrbanBelly place and wondered what the hell it was as I always did. I guessed it was either a bellydance place or a pregger-lady yoga joint. Finally I took some action and texted several people to google it for me. M was the fastest and told me it was a restaurant ... =o= Sorry Eliza, if you checked. There's yummy delicious food all over it!

Got home and found a fat kitty who snuck in my bed!


then I realized I'd been having dreams about fried dumplings, so I made gyoza ~


Normally I can't eat that many, but I wanted to make a gyoza flower :P So as I eat them I can play "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he -- aww damn it."

going to go clean and work out -o- I'm getting a new darling in the mail! :X
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[14 Jul 2009|10:13pm]
wtfuu meta. You finally come out with a GOOD chandelier print (That ribbon chandelier print didn't count!) and all the dresses and colors are oogly. Also, this blouse is like the ugliest thing I have ever seen. The print is cute, and the swan chandelier is an ingenious design, but you screw it up with your ugly photos and you made the print too small on the dresses imo. I'll only wear those if I get one in an LP :P

Speaking of LPs, this person got the best LPs ever ;_________; luckee_cookie was such a lucky cookie and got a good IW LP too! Did anyone try for a Final LP? I tried, lets see if I get one of those velvet jumpers or the rose dress *______*

Oh, and I posted some lovely lolita fotos of Yvette, check them out here and give her some love! ♥ Yeah Yvette, if you won't post them, I will! :P

Erek ~ As Tokyo Boys we are required to have gay poses and retardedly suggestive storylines!
Eden ~ ..... And why is it I do not have the optional fist hands yet?

Super crappy picture (wow, am really out of it for taking dolly photos, er, not that they were ever amazing in the first place :P) but I wanted to show off the arms! ♥ Love those arms. I'm slowly getting used to the skinny-slouchy-ness and now I wonder if I won't miss if it I don't keep the body. It's not floppy like the SD17 but very solid, so I think this is why I'm giving it a chance.

I swear to god Eden is such bad luck. While I was taking photos my camera screen went black .... It was bizarre as the start up and menu screens would come up, but the LCD display wouldn't. I was about to cry as I had JUST gotten this camera replaced and it had been such a hassle... I googled why this could have happened while pressing every possible button and menu option. And .. when I popped the battery in again for another go, it was suddenly working .. X___X I have no idea if I maybe turned off the display on accident or what. God!
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graffiti body [13 Jul 2009|02:36pm]
Got Ryoya! Pros and cons on the SDGr Body --

- The arms are so much better! Slender and yet muscular!
- Poses well! Much better than SD17
- slouchy!
- nicely sculpted, not all vein-y overdone like SD16/17
- can do side crunches :P
- love the double jointed elbows
- skinny waist! ♥

- Can't really swaricco, wtf XD
- ugly hips :(
- unable to lock the back to keep it straight, so normally always slouchy
- knees sometimes pop out of place and it's hard to snap them in in pants
- neck seems to be thicker and longer than norm SD13 bod
- sometimes the belly pops out like Dollshe boys -o-

ATM, the cons outweigh the pros and i'm not sure I will keep it...
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the usual [11 Jul 2009|07:14pm]
[ mood | blaaah ]

Thank you Angelic Pretty, for making me feel fatty.

::makes a banana shake and goes to work out::

Here's the photo indulgences for today.

Niko unamused, as ever!

nummy Korean lunch with mom

Dario had sent me beautiful chocolates from San Francisco! My favorite were the green tea ones.

moreCollapse )

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[06 Jul 2009|09:30pm]

love me some fried tofu

Green tea cake! I really want some now

mango cake

big strawberry jawbreaker (it was just as impossible to eat as it looks!)

moreCollapse )

If you couldn't tell, I'm cleaning out my photo albums on my laptop ;)~ Now gonna eat dinner. Natto and spicy sprouts with salad. I'm going to eat pineapple too, and not care about what happens to my allergy-wise. My muscles ache and I have cramps, so more discomfort really won't be noticeable. -_____________-
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a day in the life [05 Jul 2009|07:08pm]
Love for raw! I really want some mangoes now..

I made spam musubi a while back! It's a popular snack in Hawaii and really yummy.

If I were a character in Amelie, my quirky hobby would be taking photos of vanity plates.

This is linmayu's plate! XD Isn't it awesome?

More!Collapse )

Oh and if you poupees on my LJ have a minute, please suteki my purse!
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photo post! [02 Jul 2009|05:17pm]
[ mood | procrastinating ]

You know I'm feeling better if I post pictures!

Coffee time with Yvette!

Mine was raspberry mousse cake! I'm craving some sugared rose petals now... Macaron flavors were violet, coffee, and rose ♥

I believe Yvette's was a strawberry banana mousse cake ♥

Petit bunnybear NOMNOM

Pretty box of assorted macarons with my phone macaron strap ♥

more!Collapse )

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[15 May 2009|06:32pm]

I'm sorry to miss all of you this summer :\ I had been looking forward to it.
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[TxtLJ] the best text i've sent all week [27 Sep 2007|09:36pm]
Msg to Nikki: I pounded studs in today, only i couldn't find my hammer so i used a bottle of smirnoff
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My thank you [13 Jul 2007|12:32am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

俺は大好きです ♥ ♥

[08 Jul 2007|09:02pm]
[ mood | ... ]


In my childhood one of my favorite books was Owls in the Family, which is a true story about the author and his two pet owls he cared for during his youth. The book is light-hearted, comical and touching. At the end of the story the author has to move into the city, and so he relunctantly leaves the owls with a friend in the country, hoping to see them again someday.

A JK Rowling-related article on owls as pets prompted me to wiki the Owls in the Family book out of curiosity, to learn if any more backstory was ever given about the pet owls. It revealed that in a later book by the author, both pet owls met with a sad demise; one strangled himself from the wire of his cage, and the other, my favorite, was shot when he escaped and flew back to the author's old home, presumbly in search of him.

how silly to get upset over two birds I'd read about a decade ago, both whom had died back in the 1930s.

ok life bbl

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